Vulcan keyed joint system

Vulcan Metal Stampings, Concrete Highway Center Strip Metal Keyway is manufactured in 20- or 22-gauge galvanized steel. It is produced in 10’ (120”) lengths for 4.5″ to 9.5” slabs. These Keyways are used widely in street and highway work for longitudinal and transverse joint keying, as well as industrial and commercial form construction.

Along with the Highway Keyway we also produce Vulcan Dowel Bar Chairs and Vulcan Stake. Our Highway Keyway is punched for dowel bars at 6” centers. Vulcan Dowel Bar Chairs are die formed using 18-gauge steel and Vulcan Stakes are die formed using 22-gauge steel.

Please see specs below for more details.

Vulcan Keyway Joint Construction Product

Vulcan Keyway / Vulcan Center Metal Strip