Mining Conveyor Brackets

We manufacture conveyor parts - conveyor system brackets

Vulcan Metal Stampings is a premier conveyor parts supplier. We manufacture conveyor structure parts. Customers within industries such as coal mining use our custom-made brackets to transport material reliably across spaces. We manufacture conveyor parts to your specification for your custom conveyor equipment. View some samples of our conveyor brackets below :
Conveyor Bracket - End Bracket
End Bracket
Conveyor Bracket - J-Bold Drop Bracket
J-Bold Drop Bracket
Conveyor Bracket - Center Bracket
Center Bracket
Conveyor Bracket - Drop Bracket
Drop Bracket
Conveyor Bracket - Rigid Drop Bracket
Rigid Drop Bracket
All brackets are made in the USA

Manufacturing Experience

Vulcan Metal Stampings has over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of brackets for mining conveyor equipment. Vulcan, Inc. is an employee-owned company and Alabama's oldest ESOP. Our employee owners are dedicated to exceeding all quality standards as established in our ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our operators are dedicated to producing high quality reliable parts and shipping them on time.

Equipment and Expertise

Vulcan Metal Stampings houses a 2600W laser cutter that can work in conjunction with our 250 brake to reduce tooling costs for your custom conveyor parts.
Vulcan Metal Stampings has an in-house die shop to maintain your dies, make tool revisions, and even build new tooling from scratch. For larger or more complicated tool builds, we have a robust network of vendors that fabricate tooling for conveyor bracket parts.
Partnerships with our network of vendors allow us to supply your conveyor parts as raw, powder coated, zinc plated, e-coated, or other finishing needs.
Once tooling is produced (if required), our typical turn-around time for your parts is two weeks or less.
Laser Cutter
Vulcan Metal Stampings is located in south Alabama along the I-10 corridor. Partnering with us allows you to take advantage of our location for convenient shipping to the northeast United States as well as the wester United States and Mexico.
Give us a chance to exceed your expectations as your conveyor parts supplier.
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