Modular HVAC Protective Cage

Modular Wall Mount HVAC Protective Cage

SKU: VMC-2500
Modular Wall Mount HVAC Security Cage from Vulcan Metal Stampings
This cage is constructed of four 1/2" x 16 gauge expanded metal panels framed with 1" x 1" x 1/16" steel angle edging. With dimensions of 19.125"D x 37.3"W x 75.5"H, this fully enclosed cage protects your modular wall mounted HVAC unit from vandals and thieves seeking copper and brass metals. Cage mounts to any surface and installs "never to be removed". Cage front swings open on hinges for maintenance access and is secured with padlocks. Includes padlocks and mounting hardware. Universal design fits over almost all units, including Marvair, Bard, Airsys, Trane and may more. All cages are coated in an industrial black powder-coated finish.
Lead Time: 5-10 Days + Transit Time
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