Protective Metal Cages

Protective Metal Cages from Vulcan Metal Stampings

Protect your assets against metal theft without losing unit access.

Protective Metal Cages from Vulcan Aluminum Mill
Metal theft is a real and growing problem all across the nation. The U.S. Department of Energy now estimates that thieves are causing $1 billion in damage annually. Our protective cages are made from a welded steel angle framework and paneled with 1/2" expanded steel mesh, making them a highly deterrent security tool. Cages are anchored with special bolts that are extremely difficult to remove, and all anchor points are located inside the protective cage. Hinged access points, secured with a padlock, provide you the ability to easily service your protected unit.
Don't let your utility connections and cooling system become prey to metal thieves. Make your systems a hard target with protective metal cages from Vulcan Metal Stampings.
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