Stay-In-Place Inserts

(Metal Deck BRidge Forms)

Vulcan Metal Stampings produces Stay-In-Place Inserts (SIP Inserts) for Metal Deck Bridge Forms also known as Permanent Metal Deck Forms. Vulcan Metal Stampings can produce sizes from a 3” 90 Degree Insert (image on right) to a 6” Flat Insert. Also, all varieties of inserts can be Galvanized to your specific needs and project specs.
stay in place insert

Below are drawings and specs of some of our most common SIP Inserts produced here at Vulcan Metal Stampings. If your project calls for a more specialized SIP Insert we would be happy to look at it, we are always looking to grow!


Please see drawings and specs below for more details.

Please click on a drawing for specs.
Galvanized 45 Degree Bracket
3" Galv. Bracket 45 Deg.
Special Insert Clip
Galvanized 90 Degree Bracket
3" Galv. Bracket
Galvanized Bracket
CI-12G 4" Galv. Bracket
2 x 6 Galvanized Bracket
2" x 6" Galv. Flat 12 ga. G165
2 x 6 Galvanized Bracket
2" x 6" Galv. Bracket 12 ga. G165