Steel truss clips

Vulcan Metal Stampings’ Steel Truss Clips/Cups are manufactured in 14- or 16-gauge mild steel. Our clips are manufactured with in-house tooling, and we can ship orders in a variety of quantities. Our truss clips are widely used on steel trusses for Pole Barns, Garages, Workshops, and more!

We offer many different types of Steel Truss Clips, from the Vulcan J-Clip to a Rough-Cut clip. To see all offered clips and specs, see drawings below.


J-Clip (16 ga.)

J-Clip (14 ga.)


U-Clip (16 ga.)

U-Clip (14 ga.)

Florida Clip

Florida Clip (16 ga.)

 Florida Clip (14 ga.)

Stubby Clip

Stubby Clip (14 ga.)


L-Bracket (12 ga.)

Rough-Cut Clip

Rough-Cut Clip (14 ga.)

* For more information and ordering please reach out to our sales team.


* Clips are available in 14- and 16-gauge mild steel (Galvanized available upon request)


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